Construction Foundation Works

Quality, Experience and Value for Money is what we offer. Our engineers have had over 20 years of experience in Foundation Works in the Philippines. Our heavy equipment are supplied by our international partners who make sure that we the most up-to-date and dependable equipment.

General Construction &
Engineering Works

For a complete, hassle-free and assured quality construction project, leave everything to us.

So for your general construction, building and engineering needs, just call 725-2885.

Preconstruction Planning

Before starting your construction project, consult with our experts. Our engineers have had years of experience in the fields of General Construction, Specialized Engineering Works and Foundation Works. We have representatives who have trained abroad and have learned from the best minds in the world. 

Bored Pilling Foundation Works
Pile Driving
Foundation Works
Sheet Pilling


Wing-An Foundation Specialists is one of the Philippines' leading contractors specialising in the field of Foundation Works. 

Very few companies in the Philippines have the same level of experience, competence and quality of machinery as Wing-An Foundation Specialists. 

Foundation works include Bored Pilling, Pile Driving, and Sheet Pilling. These are works conducted underground, which serve as the foundation or base on which the entire building, bridge or structure will stand. With a poor foundation, the structure will not be able to withstand the everyday movements of tectonic plates underground. The foundation of the structure is the most important part, because with a proper foundation, you are rest assured the rest of the structure will be proper as well.









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